Philippe Cousteau Jr.

Philippe-Pierre Jacques-Yves Arnault Cousteau Jr. is the son of Philippe Cousteau and the grandson of Jacques Cousteau. Philippe has continued the work of his father and grandfather by educating the public about oceanic environmental and conservation issues. A multi Emmy-nominated TV personality, film maker, explorer, author and co-founder and CEO of non-profit EarthEcho International, Philippe and his wife/co-host, Ashlan, are busy people. If all their environmental and TV work weren’t enough, Philippe and Ashlan were recently blessed with the birth of their first child, daughter Vivienne. You can see Philippe and his wife Ashlan in The Travel Channel’s newest series Caribbean Pirate Treasure and in Xploration Awesome Planet on Hulu.

  • Favorite French food?
    • Entrecote with Sauce Bearnaise and Pommes Frites (steak and French fries).
  • Favorite place to visit in France, and why?
      Paris, in particular Parque Monceau. We lived in Paris growing up for a few years and this is where my mother would take us to play and get a crepe and some malabars. I have fond memories of spending time there with my sister and mother.
  • Favorite place to visit in America, and why?
    • I love visiting the National Parks, in particular the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Yosemite. The National Parks are one of the greatest inventions of the United States and represent the kind of values that the US stands for like freedom, hope, and democracy.
  • Pancakes and maple syrup or Croissants?
    • Croissants
  • What do you think the French can learn from America?
    • The French invented Bureaucracy, originally in order to fight corruption, but it has gotten out of hand. I think the French could learn a thing or two about efficiency and how to streamline getting things done.
  • What do you think Americans can learn from the French?
    • To slow down and enjoy life a little.  Americans are too frenetic, too impatient and often lack an appreciation of the value of sitting down to a nice meal and taking your time to do things right.
  • Favorite French film?
    • Jean de Florette
  • Favorite American film?
    • Princess Bride
  • French Fries or mashed potatoes?
    • French Fries
  • Beret or baseball cap?
    • Baseball cap
  • French bread and cheese or hamburger and fries?
    • French bread and cheese without a shadow of a doubt
  • Favorite French actor or actress?
    • Gerard Depardieu
  • Favorite American actor or actress?
    • Humphrey Bogart
  • Favorite American food?
    • California Cobb Salad
  • Croissant or blueberry muffin?
    • Croissant
  • Most important French figure in history and why?
    • Louis the 14th. His sense of the absolute power of the monarchy and virtual bankruptcy of the state due to his endless wars are what set France on the road to the French Revolution which was the catalyst (bloody though it was) for the ideas of modern democracy and human rights that we enjoy today.
  • Most influential American figure and why?
    • Abraham Lincoln, he not only fought to ensure that the United States survived, he championed what would be a long battle (that we are unfortunately still fighting) for the spirit of the country arguing that the ideals enshrined in the Declaration of Independence should apply to more than just white men, opening the door for the women’s rights, civil rights, and I would argue the LGBTQ movements in this country.
  • What is your favorite American luxury?
    • Thanksgiving dinner
  • What is your favorite French extravagance?
    • Champagne
  • The quality you most admire about the French and Americans?
    • I love the French for their lifestyle and the Americans for their work ethic.
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