Celebrating the Present

Since our founding in 1998, the Foundation has served as the leading US nonprofit organization dedicated to championing French-American relationships past, present, and future.

We are a cultural foundation in the sense that the Marquis de Lafayette, Benjamin Franklin, DuPont, Octave Chanute, Anne Morgan, the Lost Generation, Missy Meloney, Marie Curie, and Julia Child are all cultural figures.

Our partnerships and programming celebrate art, commerce, cuisine, diplomacy, history, industry and science – essentially every aspect of creative activity that fosters connection between the people of France and America.

Building for the Future

Cur Non, the motto of the Marquis de Lafayette, was derived from the idea of why not. Why not have the courage to live boldly? Why not engage in every aspect of learning? Why not use your intellect, energy, and talent to find your place in the world?

The Foundation, too, lives by this optimistic, joie de vivre motto. It underlies all of our partnerships and the numerous events and initiatives we craft each year. We are continually developing new, bespoke relationships suited to an institution’s unique expertise.

We invite you to join us on our journey to broaden cultural awareness across the Atlantic.

"Luxembourg Palace" by Kay Jackson, Paris, 2002.
"Across the Seine" by Kay Jackson, Paris, 2005.
Flag Day Normandy
"Flag Day" by Kay Jackson, Normandy, 2014