A real-life approach to learning French

innerFrench is a fun and immersive way to learn how to speak and think in French.

Created by Hugo Cotton, the program features interactive methods to learn French grammar and vocabulary, which can be tough at times. On their website, there are podcast episodes discussing everything from Islamophobia in France, to the Tour de France, to the French Sherlock Holmes. For those who are more visual, there are videos covering interesting and important topics in France and in the language.

Another feature of the website is “Build A Strong Core – An Intermediate Program to Improve Your Skills While Learning about French Society.” Through this program, “you will improve your understanding of spoken French, avoid common mistakes made by intermediate students, and learn how to sound more natural when you speak and write in French.” The program has received very positive and promising reviews!

Learn more at innerfrench.com and subscribe using your favorite podcast app.