Podcast Highlight: Retropod

Retropod is a ‘forgotten history’ podcast hosted by Mike Rosenwald for The Washington Post. The subjects of his show include “colorful characters, foreign heroes, overlooked villains, dreamers, explorers and world changers.”

Episodes have focused on the Apollo 8 astronauts, Civil War nurse Clara Barton, George Taliaferro, the first black player drafted to the NFL, and French aviators who attempted the world’s first transatlantic flight.

The show is produced in bite sized portions that are shorter than the typical podcast, averaging 5-6 minutes per episode. Media outlets are increasingly offering shorter podcast shows that target people who might be too busy to listen to a 30 to 45-minute podcast, but who crave something interesting to listen to on their commute or during a coffee break.

Tune in here.

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