Virtual Tour: Château de Fontainebleau

“The true home of kings, the house of ages”
— Napoleon in Saint Helena, August 1816

Dating back to the early 12th century, the Château de Fontainebleau, or Palace de Fontainebleau, was a royal home to French monarchs over several centuries, encompassing numerous renovations, additions, and architectural overhauls.

With over 1500 rooms on 130 acres of parks and gardens, it would be impossible to enjoy in a single tour. Luckily, a virtual tour captures some of the highlights and allows visitors to take in the historic site over time.

This panoramic view of the Chateau was completed by Pierre-Denis Martin in 1723, toward the end of the reign of Louis XIV (whose royal hunt is portrayed toward the bottom of the painting). The work portrays the stunning breadth of the palace and grounds as it existed in the 18th century.

True to the cultural portrayals of Marie Antoinette, this elaborate bedchamber was made specifically to her tastes in 1787, only to never be used by her in the end. Instead, the room went to Empress Josephine and was modified to her own style.

Napoleon I requested this throne for the Chateau’s throne room – the only one in France that remains in its original state.

Visit the highlights of the Chateau on Google Arts & Culture, and take notes for your next visit to France.

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