Virtual Tour: The Cinémathèque Française

The Cinémathèque Française is a French film organization based in Paris that holds one of the world’s largest archives of film documents and film-related objects.

You can tour the Cinémathèque Française by visiting Google Arts & Culture where you are able to explore some of the treasures in their extensive collection. Don’t forget to take notes for what you’d like to see if you can visit in person someday.

Vintage Art and Posters

Within the collection are vintage film posters, including this vibrant Charlie Chaplin poster from his 1914 short comedy film, Caught in a Cabaret.

When we think of early cinema, it’s important to remember that what the artists of that time were able to achieve — without the extensive computer animation and graphics capabilities of today — is quite extraordinary. This iconic image is an example of early special effects, from the 1902 French adventure film, Le Voyage dans la Lune.

Cameras and Equipment

Cinephiles will certainly get their fix of incredibly well-preserved camera and film equipment during their visit, including this Technicolor 35mm camera from 1932.

Early Pioneers

One of the highlights of the online exhibit focuses on the work of early film and photography pioneer Étienne-Jules Marey, whose work in the late 19th century exploring the movement of all living things contributed to advancements in science and medicine as well as modern art and cinema.

Visit Google Arts & Culture for the full online experience.

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