Opera de Paris, 3e Scene

While there is no shortage of incredible performances and events to take in at the Paris Opera House once it resumes normal operation, there is another exciting way to experience performances at this historic venue. To “create a relationship between opera houses and artwork,” 3e Scene has invited visual artists of all kinds to share work relating to opera and the opera house.

The best part? It takes place entirely online. The name of the project is intended to evoke a third stage, following the two main stages where opera is performed in the venue.

Check out some of the projects below, and visit their website to view them all.

Breathing – Video, Hiroshi Sugimoto

“Contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto leads us into a sensorial and spiritual experience for the Paris Opera’s 3e Scène with a new creation filmed at his Odawara Art Foundation in Japan.”

There is Joy in this Struggle – Documentary short, jean-Gabriel Périot

“In this short documentary film, Jean-Gabriel Périot draws the portrait of a group of women for whom music is a form of resistance and a means of coming out of isolation. Composer Thierry Escaich contributes the original film score, performed by nine musicians from the Paris Opera.”

Alignigung – Video, William Forsythe

“This film brings together these three work streams by intertwining two bodies to form what I like to call ‘optical puzzles’. In these puzzles, it is obvious to the viewer that there are only two persons in the composition, but the complex threading of their two bodies creates optical conundrums that frequently defy the apparent logic of the situation.”

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