Virtual Versailles

While it may be a while before most of us can visit the Palace of Versailles in person, fortunately there are many ways to virtually visit and experience this historic property.

We encourage you to start with VersaillesVR: the Palace is Yours, a tour made possible by a partnership between the Palace of Versailles and Google Arts & Culture. Explore the State Apartments, Royal Chapel, Royal Opera House, and Hall of Mirrors, and experience other cultural and multimedia content.

Maybe you are more of a numbers person? Versailles in Figures is a fun video that shares many secrets of the palace.

Last, we are pleased to share the following gallery of stunning photos of the palace gardens. These are incredible views you can’t experience even if you do have the opportunity to visit in-person. The colors and patterns remind us why the Palace of Versailles is such a special place.

  • VERSAILLES 07 ©JMilstein
  • VERSAILLES 15 ©JMilstein
  • VERSAILLES 16 ©JMilstein
  • VERSAILLES 17 ©JMilstein
  • VERSAILLES 19 ©JMilstein
  • VERSAILLES 21 ©JMilstein
  • VERSAILLES 30 ©J.Milstein
  • Versailles09 ©J.Milstein

If you are interested in learning more about how you can make a tax-deductible contribution to support the Palace of Versailles, please contact Debra Dunn, Executive Director of the French-American Cultural Foundation, at

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