F-ACF visits the Museum of the American Revolution

Last month, members of the French-American Cultural Foundation team had the opportunity to tour the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. Formerly the American Revolution Center, the current museum opened to the public on April 19, 2017, the 242nd anniversary of the first battles of the Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord.

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, the museum tells the stories of the diverse people and complex events that were at the heart of the birth of our country. The museum’s extensive collection and exhibits provide an opportunity to learn about the American Revolution and its continuing impact on the United States.

We were impressed by the display of information and the flow of the exhibit. Every room focuses on a different aspect of the American Revolution in an engaging manner, and it appeals to adult and youth audiences alike. The presentation is very modern, visually pleasing, and visitor-friendly, which allows for a museum experience with an enjoyable pace.

The museum’s exhibits are inclusive of all people who were involved in or impacted by the American Revolution – men, women and forgotten allies. Particularly notable are the exhibits focused on the African American experience during the birth of the United States. It is a very moving presentation. The museum also highlights previously under-reported stories including the involvement of the Oneida people in the cause of the colonists. The “live” testimonials give audiences new insight into this piece of American history.

We invite you to view the following photos of the exhibit. And when you have an opportunity, we encourage you to visit the museum. You can learn more at www.amrevmuseum.org.

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