Newly Restored Lafayette Bedchamber Revealed at Mount Vernon

Philippe Étienne, Ambassador of France to the United States, participated in a ceremony to unveil the newly restored Marquis de Lafayette Bedchamber on Bastille Day at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Doug Bradburn, Mount Vernon’s CEO, also participated in the special event.

Speaking about Lafayette, Bradburn said, “He was an adopted son. He pushed General Washington to be a better man, a better representative of the cause of not only American but universal liberty. He helped him win the War for Independence, he helped Americans abandon regional prejudices for the common good, and helped them imagine a world without slavery.”

Ambassador Étienne shared a quote from a letter Lafayette wrote to his wife in 1777: “Defender of the liberty that I idolize, myself more free than anyone, in coming as a friend to offer my services to this intriguing Republic. I bring to it only my frankness and my goodwill, no ambition, no self-interest.”

Renowned Lafayette re-enactor Benjamin Goldman made remarks and accompanied guests as they toured the bedchamber. A discussion of the renovations and historical significance was hosted by Mount Vernon’s Executive Director of Historic Preservation and Collections Susan P. Schoelwer.

During the tour, guests also viewed other historic items including a letter from Lafayette to Martha Washington.

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