France-Amerique: “The Foundations of French-American Friendship”

The French-American Cultural Foundation had the privilege of being featured in the December 2023 edition of France-Amerique, the only French press publication available across the United States. “Designed for Francophiles and Francophones,” the magazine, which is published in a bilingual format, focuses on culture, economic affairs, and heritage.

An article about “The Foundations of French-American Friendship,” by Roland Flamini, captures the vibrant tapestry of French-American connections. The section featuring F-ACF shares the history of the organization, which was founded by Leonard Silverstein, a Washington D.C. tax lawyer, in 1998. Fast-forward to 2019 when the organization was reimagined in the spirit of Silverstein’s original mission, and F-ACF came under the leadership of current President Debra Dunn. Over the past four years, F-ACF has broadened its scope and hopes to create a new dynamism in French-American relations. 

“Culture reflects what people care about and think about,” says Dunn. “I like to think of culture as the reflection of the soul of a nation, and while the performing and fine arts are an important part of that now, we are also looking to aerospace, cuisine, diplomacy, medicine, and science. Our approach reaches a larger audience, and reflects the current transatlantic relationship more accurately.”

Other organizations featured in the article include:

  • The Society of the Cincinnati, a group founded in 1783 by American and French veterans of the War of Independence;
  • The Nous Foundation in New Orleans, which strives to bring French back to the French Quarter;
  • The French-American Foundation, which is known for its Young Leaders program that annually selects between 40 and 45 professionals from France and the United States for an intensive course designed to advance their area of interest;
  • The American Society of Le Souvenir Français, which is responsible for maintaining war memorials; and
  • The French-American Chamber of Commerce Foundation, which was launched in 2012 by the French-American Chamber of Commerce to reflect the expansion in bilateral trade and business opportunities for new generations of entrepreneurs.

The article weaves together a community that represents and celebrates the rich cultural exchange between France and the United States, serving as a testament to the enduring legacy of French-American relations and fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the intertwined cultural heritage between these two nations.

France-Amerique captivates with its elegant presentation, featuring a sophisticated layout that seamlessly weaves together articles written in both French and English, accompanied by vibrant imagery, and printed on high-quality paper that elevates the reading experience. It is a stunning publication that beckons readers into the rich world of French-American culture.

Visit the France-Amerique website to order a copy of the December 2023 issue and sign up for a monthly subscription.

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