Institut Curie: Pioneering Cancer Research and Treatment

Marie Curie was the winner of the 1903 Nobel Prize for physics along with her husband Pierre Curie and their colleague Henri Becquerel, for their work on radioactivity. Today, nestled in the heart of Paris, Institut Curie stands as a beacon of hope and progress in the realm of cancer research and treatment. 

In 1909, the University of Paris and Institut Pasteur built the Institut du Radium for Marie Curie. The Curie Foundation was created a decade later with financial backing from Henri de Rothschild for the purpose of financing the research activities of the Institut du Radium. The Curie legacy continued with Irène Joliot-Curie, the eldest daughter of Pierre and Marie Curie, who jointly with her husband Frédéric was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1935 for their discovery of induced radioactivity. The Curie family won five Nobel Prizes.

The Institut du Radium and the Curie Foundation merged in 1970 to form Institut Curie. The new organization was established with the mission of research, teaching, and treating cancer.

Marie Curie Legacy Gala in New York City

  • Marie Curie Legacy Gala 2023
  • Marie Curie Legacy Gala 2023
  • Marie Curie Legacy Gala 2023
  • Marie Curie Legacy Gala 2023
  • Marie Curie Legacy Gala 2023
  • Marie Curie Legacy Gala 2023
  • Marie Curie Legacy Gala 2023

In Fall 2023, the French-American Cultural Foundation was proud to partner for the second time with Institut Curie as part of the Champions Committee for the Marie Curie Legacy Dinner in Washington, D.C. and Gala in New York City. These events raised $500,000 for the initiative. At the dinner, actor Michael Douglas was recognized as the first Marie Curie Legacy Medal recipient for his work to raise awareness about Institut Curie’s work. Funds raised during these events will support construction of the groundbreaking Chemical Biology of Cancer Research Center at the Institut Curie campus in Paris.

Institut Curie has consistently been at the forefront of cancer research, contributing to major discoveries that have shaped our understanding of the disease. The institute’s researchers and scientists engage in a wide range of studies, from basic molecular research to clinical trials, covering various types of cancer. Their work has led to breakthroughs in identifying cancer markers, understanding the genetic basis of tumors, and exploring novel treatment approaches.

One of the notable achievements of Institut Curie is its role in unraveling the mysteries of breast cancer. The institute has been instrumental in identifying key genetic mutations associated with breast cancer, leading to advancements in personalized treatment strategies. By combining cutting-edge technology with a multidisciplinary approach, researchers at Institut Curie are making significant strides in tailoring cancer therapies to individual patients.

Marie Curie Legacy Dinner in Washington, D.C.

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Recognizing the global nature of the battle against cancer, Institut Curie actively engages in international collaborations. The institute collaborates with leading research institutions, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide to exchange knowledge, share resources, and collectively tackle the challenges posed by cancer. Many noted American scientists have explored their research by way of a Curie Fellowship. 

The institute has actively sought to forge alliances with American research institutions, fostering a transatlantic exchange of knowledge and expertise in the fight against cancer. By collaborating with leading American cancer centers and academic institutions, Institut Curie brings its wealth of experience and innovative approaches to the forefront of cancer research in the United States.

From its historic origins to its current position as a global leader in cancer research and treatment, Institut Curie continues to push boundaries and offer hope to those affected by cancer.

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