Vingt (20) Questions

The French-American relationship is defined by individuals. So, why not meet our partners? Why not explore their views on France and America?

Lee and Berna Huebner

Lee and Berna Huebner serve on the Board of Directors of the Center for the Study of International Communications in Paris. They recently shared their thoughts with us on French-American culture and relations.

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Chloé Bensahel

Chloé Bensahel is a textile artist who blends performance, traditional craft and multimedia to create large-scale installations that highlight the relationship between language and identity.

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Richard McGinnis

Richard McGinnis was born and raised in Ohio. Now a long-time resident of Paris and a naturalized French citizen for over 20 years, he has just retired from 26 years as the Director of the French office of Leading Hotels of the World.

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