French–American Cultural Foundation Announces New Board of Trustees

Washington DC, April 1st 2019 – The French American Cultural Foundation, established in 1998 to advance and enhance partnerships between France and America through initiatives in the arts, sciences, education, and business, today announced five new members to their Board of Trustees.  Serving as the Chairman is well-known philanthropist and successful entrepreneur Constance J. Milstein, and the Board of Trustees are Buffy CafritzClaire DwoskinMimi ForwoodAaron Lewis, Kristen Lund, Rachel Pearson, Peter Selfridge, and Marie Woodall.

“As we move forward, we have an ambitious program that will include facilitating business and scientific partnerships, as well as hosting cultural activities,” said Executive Director of the Foundation Debra Dunn. “Such an organization needs Trustees who are active and bring distinct and diverse skill sets. I’m very excited to be working with our Board members as we build on our past successes.”   

About F-ACF

The French-American Cultural Foundation was founded in 1998 by American businessman Leonard Silverstein (1922-2018) to celebrate and strengthen the ties that bind France and America. Through strategic partnerships with organizations, businesses and institutions in both countries, the Foundation promotes mutual commercial, educational and scientific interests and sponsors a wide range of activities devoted to culture and the arts. The Foundation is also committed to helping support the preservation, restoration and exhibition of important shared historical artifacts and memorials, both in the US and France.  

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